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Learn the Practical Skills, Strategies and Tools You Need to Feel More Confident Communicating 
and... Have Stronger, More Fulfilling Relationships

(without the stress of not knowing what to say, the pain and disappointment of not feeling heard, or the fear of getting a bad reaction)

Have you ever...

  • Avoided having an important discussion because
    it wasn’t worth the stress or the effort?
  • Laid in bed at night replaying conversations you
    had that day in your head, feeling disappointed
    in yourself, and wishing you had handled the
    situation differently?
  • Looked at your partner and thought to yourself
    “How did we get here? Where did this distance
    come from?”
  • Found it difficult to manage your staff, or ask for
    something you need at work, such as asking a
    team member or coworker to redo a report,
    handling an interoffice problem, or asking for a
    raise (even when you know you deserve one)?
  • Lost your temper the minute a conversation
    became even the slightest bit heated (and
    regretted something you said in the argument)
  • Wished you could say exactly what you were
    thinking or feeling and actually feel heard at
    home or at work?

Have you ever...

  • Avoided having an important discussion because
    it wasn’t worth the stress or the effort?
  • Lay in bed at night replaying conversations you
    had that day in your head, feeling disappointed
    in yourself, and wishing you had handled the
    situation differently?
  • Looked at your partner and thought to yourself
    “How did we get here? Where did this distance
    come from?”
  • Found it difficult to manage your staff, or ask for
    something you need at work, such as asking a
    team member or coworker to redo a report,
    handling an interoffice problem, or asking for a
    raise (even when you know you deserve one)?
  • Lost your temper the minute a conversation
    became even the slightest bit heated (and
    regretted something you said in the argument)
  • Wished you could say exactly what you were
    thinking or feeling and actually feel heard at
    home or at work?

If any of these situations hit close to home for you,
don’t worry. You aren’t alone.

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When faced with a challenging situation, most people worry about how to start a conversation because they know it might not end well. The fear of things escalating and turning into an argument is stressful enough that they would rather not say what they think or feel just to avoid the possibility of conflict.
Over time, it becomes easier to avoid difficult conversations.
(Who needs that stress?) But...when you don’t know how to express yourself, the negative feelings of sadness, frustration, or anger can build up inside of you and that doesn’t feel good either.
When you can’t (or don’t) communicate your feelings and you don’t know how to talk about problems, those problems just escalate and multiply. This lack of communication can impact every area of your life... at work, with family, close friends, in romantic relationships, and it can even affect your wellbeing and self-esteem.
You may find yourself thinking, “I’m tired of feeling this way” and maybe you’re questioning, “Is change even possible...”

But here’s the good news...
It doesn’t have to be that way!

Not only is it possible, but each and every one of these situations
can improve quickly starting right now.

You Are One Conversation Away
From Getting What You Want.

  • Maybe it’s a promotion at work.
  • Or getting back the closeness and connection you once had with your spouse.
  • Or no longer avoiding conflict because you can get your point across without losing your temper.
  • When there is a lot at stake, and emotions are running high, those conversations can feel overwhelming and downright frightening.
    Once you develop the interpersonal skills you need to communicate effectively, things change almost instantly. You can approach these conversations confidently and see your partner, friends, family, and coworkers respond to you in a completely different way.... In the way you were hoping they would react.

Communication is the fundamental key that opens all the doors.

It solves problems, creates closeness, grows confidence and builds trust.

This is true of all of your relationships - both personal and professional.

Despite the fact that communication is one of our greatest gifts as human beings, it probably wasn’t modeled in your childhood home, and more than likely, you didn’t learn it in school. The vast majority of adults were never given or shown basic or helpful guidelines on how to talk to the important people in their lives.

Think back to your days in school. Did you have any courses in interpersonal skills - how to communicate effectively or how to deal with conflicts? And, are you like most people who didn’t grow up with parents or other adults in your life who modeled healthy relationships or encouraged open and direct communication?


Because there's a big problem...
most of us weren't taught basic communication skills.

Sure, you may have learned how to write a persuasive essay, and maybe you had an oral communications class where you learned to deliver a speech, but neither of those showed you how to talk about your feelings, handle conflicts, resolve problems or how to have a fulfilling relationship.

It’s also easy to assume that it’s just you who didn’t learn these skills, but again, that’s not the case...
Even today, most schools don’t teach students (at any age) the nuts and bolts of how to have a constructive conversation. 

Yet, somehow, you're still expected to know how to talk to the people in your life, and how to handle problems and conflicts effectively.
There seems to be an assumption that communication skills happen naturally, but unfortunately, they usually don’t.

For such an important and necessary skill, we’ve not done a good job of making sure that every adult knows how to speak (and listen) so that their wants and needs are met.

It’s a silent epidemic and no one seems to want to talk about it or do anything to rectify the situation. As a result, you might be left feeling alone, frustrated, or overwhelmed. At least now, hopefully, you understand why.
Most people don’t realize there are easy-to-use communication tools that can quickly make a dramatic difference in improving – your relationships, your job satisfaction, and nearly every other area of your life!

Imagine how different life would be if you could...


CONFIDENTLY express your thoughts, feelings, wants, and needs in a way that your partner, family
members, friends, and colleagues could easily understand and respond to...


• Know EXACTLY what to say to defuse an impending argument the moment the conversation got heated...


EASILY navigate difficult conversations with ease and grace without having to worry that your words will be misinterpreted and just make the situation worse...


• Stop laying next to your partner at night wondering what happened to the connection you once had and actually FEEL VALIDATED AND HEARD in your interactions again...


EFFECTIVELY ask for what you need at work in a way that leaves your staff or team members feeling respected and appreciated...

I can help you to communicate better.
But who am I, and why should you listen?

I’m Debra Roberts, LCSW.
I’m an author, a relationship expert,
and a communication specialist.

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Those letters after my name are a fancy way of saying that I am a professional, licensed clinical social worker and many years ago (more than 25) I chose to work with challenging relationships in my private practice.

I’ve worked with 1000’s of individuals and relationships, and I’ve trained hundreds of professionals and businesses.

My teachings on improving your communication skills have been featured in publications such as Business Insider, Real Simple magazine, Thrive Global, Vice, Well+Good, and New York Magazine’s The CUT. You can also find me on podcasts such as SO Money with Farnoosh Torabi, and WCBS radio.

Aside from having those fancy letters, I’ve been married for 28 years to my husband, and we have two grown children. I have a very good marriage, but I won’t lie to you – it takes work. It’s not always perfect, because relationships are not an exact science. Like it or not, we have to keep putting in the effort, day after day, especially during difficult times.

Yes, I practice what I preach. I try  to live by The Relationship Protocol, the communication model I developed from my work with struggling relationships. 

I’m not going to ask anyone to do anything that I haven’t  been doing in my life. Am I perfect at it? No, but that's the point. The Relationship Protocol gives me a framework to come back to whenever things get confusing or sticky.

I know that effective communication tools are the key to successfully navigating even the most difficult situations we face in our day to day life. It's true for our personal and professional lives and it's not an exaggeration to say that when communication breaks down, everything begins to fall apart.

Also, most people think it takes a long time to create change… but I know that’s not true!

I have witnessed hundreds of times how learning to be an effective communicator changes people. It improves their confidence, the quality of life and all of their relationships! It makes life easier, simpler and calmer. I’ve happily seen first hand how all kinds of relationships can go from being stuck and disconnected to caring and  communicating in a matter of weeks when you have the right tools.

I've seen so many people gain self-confidence and self-esteem by learning how to say what's on their mind and finally feeling heard. It's amazing to watch those transformations! 

I know the power and possibilities of this work for everyone that's capable and ready to do it. And I hope you are ready... because now I want to share all of these helpful strategies and tips with you!


Debra has been featured as a relationship expert in the following publications:


Right Your Relationships


A 10-week online course where you’ll learn tools for how to
confidently communicate your thoughts, feelings, wants, and needs so you can have
stronger and more fulfilling personal and professional relationships.
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Right Your Relationships is the first of its kind that teaches you a practical and proven approach for how to have better, more satisfying relationships.


You also get 10 weeks of direct access to me so I can help guide you in how to use these logical and friendly communication tools in your life and your relationships. And you're able to talk about your challenges and ask me questions during our weekly live meetings.

My role as your instructor is to support and guide you through the program, helping you to apply The Relationship Protocol tools and other strategies to the relationships and situations in your life. I'll encourage you, give you feedback, answer questions, and make sure you fully understand how to implement the lessons without feeling stuck, unsure or overwhelmed. 

But I also want you to know that change happens from the moment you begin this workshop!

Each week, your skillset and your confidence will grow and build. The information you’re learning is common sense, easy to follow, and practical. This is NOT therapy. It's an educational class. There’s nothing fancy, deep, or confusing here.

I’ve cut through the self-help clutter and built upon my 25 years of experience to bring you the most transformative, results- oriented communication program out there.

This is not a bandaid solution. You will learn lifelong, universal skills.

No matter how much you try to fight it, you can only control your own behavior and your reactions.
So... stop trying to control the other person, AND FOCUS ON YOURSELF.

If you want the situation to improve, you have to be the one to start making changes. If you sit back and wait for the other person to change, or worse, continuously point fingers or blame, then YOU are choosing to give up control of your own situation.



You and your partner, your colleague, your friend, or family... whatever relationship(s) you want to improve -  you are all connected just like these rotating gears. When one moves, the others move in response. If one slows down, the others respond by slowing down.
Just like the gears, YOUR behavior has the power to affect the other person's response, and the interaction in both positive and negative ways.
If you decide to be kind, or if you refuse to engage in an argument, the energy between the two of you automatically changes.
And perhaps, without even realizing it, they'll respond differently to you. When you change one interaction, you set the stage for every interaction after that to change as well. 
Now, let's take it further...
When you learn helpful tools that show you how to communicate better, YOU WILL START INTERACTING DIFFERENTLY with the people in your life. And in response to your new way of communicating, THE OTHER PERSON IS FORCED TO RESPOND DIFFERENTLY in reaction to your change. (That's how you start to break a negative cycle!) 
For example, if you choose to not argue because things are getting heated, the argument cannot continue because it takes two people. Or if instead of being sarcastic, you choose to be kind because you know you've been hurtful, in time, the other person will begin to feel more comfortable and safe in the relationship with you.
They might not even realize it is happening, but you’ll see a behavior shift into a response you WANT to see as opposed to the behaviors that were so frustrating and upsetting before.
That’s why I created Right Your Relationships... so YOU can gain more confidence and take back the power to create the life you want. A life filled with meaningful connections with the people who matter most to you.

What People Are Saying About Right Your Relationships

“I have conversations now
that I’ve been avoiding,
yet wanted to have for the
past 10 years. I finally feel
powerful, and it’s the best
feeling! Thank you, Debra!
People should be lining up
to take this workshop.”
- Anna R.
“This logical approach
changed how I talk to my
wife and my staff. I see the
impact it has had on all of
the people I care about. I
can’t put a dollar amount
on the sense of peace I feel
for the first time in my life
because I’m finally in the
driver’s seat in every area
of my life.”
- John S.
“When faced with conflict I used to either become angry and lash out, or avoid it at all costs. Now I deal with tough conversations much better. I’m much more in control.”
- Chuck C.

Right Your Relationships includes:

  • 10 WEEKLY PRE-RECORDED LESSONS that break down all of the components of The Relationship Protocol (my proprietary communication model) and show you how they work together to form a comprehensive approach. You will understand healthy relationships and learn exactly HOW to have more effective conversations using these logical and helpful tools. And you'll gain many other super valuable real-life strategies for resolving disagreements, growing trust, increasing awareness and sooo much more. (Value: $5000) 
  • WORKSHEETS AND OTHER BONUS MATERIALS to support and enhance your learning each week. They help you to personalize the material so you can understand more about yourself, your reactions, coping methods and how to apply that week's lesson to your life -  your situation and your relationships. (Value: $1500)
  • WEEKLY LIVE VIDEO CALLS WITH ME where I lead the meetings, answer your questions, and guide you through how to apply the information you're learning to everyday situations in your daily life. Our video conference software allows us to see and hear each other. I’ve found that this enhances the small group learning experience. (Value: $2500)

Here’s What You Will Learn:



In this lesson, we’ll set you up for success! Communication is the basis for all healthy relationships. You’ll discover why having easy to use communication tools are so important and how to use them so you can see an almost immediate change in the way you interact with your partner, friends, family, and colleagues. You’ll also learn why increasing your self-awareness is a critical part of successful relationships. Remember what I said earlier... communication solves problems, creates closeness, grows confidence and builds trust. It all starts with Lesson 1!


Lesson 2: THE 4 Cs

The 4 Cs: Communication, Challenges, Confidence, and Commitment. You’ll discover how they all work together for effective communication and positive relationships. I’ll show you how challenges are connected to commitment and how confidence grows when you know how to communicate. You’ll also learn what commitment really means and why it’s required for ALL healthy relationships to thrive.



I’ll explain the importance of having a relationship perspective. This is another mandatory element for all healthy relationships in any setting. Over time, when there is no relationship focus, it can be toxic and damaging to the health of the relationship. No worries though, in this lesson, you’ll discover the simple fix to turn it around.



Has anyone ever said to you “it’s not what you said, it’s how you said it?” After this lesson, that won’t be a problem! You’ll learn the best way to start a conversation so that you are heard and understood.You’ll also learn how to put the other person at ease, bring up sensitive or tough topics, and how to defuse a tense situation. We’ll also talk about the value of kindness and how it can instantly change the dynamic of any situation.



There is tremendous power in taking responsibility for your part in a tense or intense situation. Doing so builds trust and can impact the future not only of that interaction, but also of your ongoing relationship with the other person or people involved. In this lesson, you will learn the most effective way to take control and stop those frustrating and unproductive back and forth disagreements from continuing, as well as how to resolve and prevent intense arguments from escalating. This is a powerful, humbling, and life-changing lesson! 



Giving the other person the benefit of the doubt, and listening from an expectation that they are not consciously trying to upset or hurt you  - can make a huge difference in your communication, and in your relationships. It instills hope and is one of the most effective ways to create change. I’ll show you how to accomplish this even when you are upset, hurt, or frustrated. It's a game changer.



No one likes conflict. In this lesson, you’ll discover the different types of disagreements and how to approach each one successfully. I’ll teach you my secrets for resolving conflicts quickly and how to identify and break conflict cycles. You’ll even learn what to do when there's a setback. No more avoiding conversations because there is a possibility of conflict. After this lesson, you'll feel more equipped and ready to lean into an interaction instead of avoiding it. (and I'll be there cheering you on!)



We are all subject to emotional triggers. It’s human nature. But these overly emotional, irrational reactions don’t have to spell disaster for you. In this lesson, I’ll let you in on my unique, proprietary secret... a strategy for dealing with those out of control feelings quickly and effectively (you will not learn this anywhere else!). You’ll walk away knowing how to identify emotional triggers, how to  effectively respond when you’re feeling them, how to handle stress, and how to maintain more self-control. It's action packed and super helpful for everyone.



When trust is broken in a relationship, communication often becomes difficult... and it doesn’t have to be a big betrayal. It can be something as subtle or simple as the fact that your coworker didn’t make an important phone call, or your partner wasn’t supposed to give the kids sweets, but he took them out for ice cream anyway. This lesson will give you strategies for what to do when trust is broken (no matter how large or small the issue is, and whether it was intentional or not). It will also give you clarity about how over time, even subtle things can and do weaken the connection in a relationship. This lesson has been the favorite of many students.



Once you’ve learned how to apply The Relationship Protocol model and the other logical, helpful tools for becoming a more effective and confident communicator, we’ll discuss how to maintain positive communication for yourself and your relationships. We’ll also talk about what to do if, despite your best efforts, there has been no change or progress in your relationships. And of course, we'll review everything you've learned, and talk about the best way to continue using these valuable tools in your life.

By the end of Right Your Relationships,
you’ll be able to:

  • Confidently express your thoughts, feelings, wants and needs without worrying you’re hurting feelings, or fearful it will be the start of an argument

  • Create stronger relationships both personally and professionally because your
    family, friends, and colleagues hear and understand your words

  • Handle difficult situations with ease and grace without replaying the conversation in your head over and over again wishing you had said something different

  • Approach any conversation with the practical tools you need to avoid misunderstandings that often lead to frustration and disappointment

  • Build rapport by listening with empathy and leave others feeling heard and understood

  • Inspire confidence and excitement in colleagues and team members so that your work efforts generate positive results

  • Maintain control of a conversation with someone who has a tendency to talk over you, redirect the  interaction away from the topic you need to focus on, or escalate things into a disagreement

  • Be an effective communicator so you can feel better about yourself, resolve your differences, and feel more in control of your own life

  • Navigate tough conversations so they are productive and satisfying

  • Talk about and heal resentments, rebuild trust, and reconnect. (If that’s what you want to  accomplish… you’ll gain the skills to deal with those issues)

And most importantly, you’ll learn a TON about yourself. You’ll gain more self-awareness along with new communication skills that are life-changing, and you can start using them right away!

There has never been a better time to change your life
and start communicating more effectively.

Take a deep breath and picture yourself one year from now.
Will you be happy if nothing has changed? If your relationships, confidence, and career are in the exact same place they are right now... or worse, if they continue to decline?
How will you feel?
... More disappointed in yourself that you’re still in the same place or worse.
... Will you still be frustrated by the distance you feel with your spouse?
... Still wondering why you can’t have a constructive conversation without arguing with family members?
... Still sad that your needs aren’t being met at home or at work?
... Still losing out on sales or opportunities in your career or your business?
... Still embarrassed by your outbursts or reactions to stressful situations?       
Are you secretly starting to doubt that things will ever get any better?
Right Your Relationships is a surefire way to improve your communication skills and transform your relationships in less time than you ever dreamed possible. You will notice a difference right from the very first lesson.
This is truly a gift that can change your life and it lasts a lifetime! Will you take it?

A year from now, will you wish you said yes to this opportunity?

The choice is yours.

Not sure if Right Your Relationships is right for you?

Right Your Relationships is NOT for everyone, and truth be told I’d prefer to help you
figure out if it’s not right for you BEFORE you join. So, let’s cut to the chase...


  • You know something is missing from your relationship with your spouse, family, or friends. And... you're motivated to become a better communicator to learn how to connect or reconnect, and create a more fulfilling relationship(s).
  • You are feeling insecure, overlooked, and not getting the opportunities you deserve at work, or the results you expect for yourself. Maybe you're frustrated, feeling your success is limited by your inability to handle stress, difficult situations, or communicate persuasively with colleagues or clients.
  • You're ready to learn helpful and friendly tools to use right away when talking to the people in your life, to feel capable of saying and expressing what’s on your mind, to stop arguments, bring up topics, grow trust, and a lot more good stuff!
  • You are an action-taker who is motivated to make some changes in your life. You aren’t going to just skim through the lessons or the worksheets and not practice or implement the strategies. I will provide a supportive learning environment and all of the materials and tools you need to create major changes in your life, but you still have to want it. You have to show up, put forth some effort... and be on board for the full 10-weeks!


  • You are in a crisis situation and feeling overwhelmed, or are in a very difficult situation or relationship at the moment. This program is not meant to be a replacement for individual or relationship therapy, or addiction recovery treatment. It is classroom style learning only.
  • You want or need a quick fix or you are not willing to commit and dedicate time, (a few months) to improve your communication skills and your relationship(s). I know these methods are effective, but they do require work!
  • You are looking to only blame the other person, find fault only with them. This training will challenge you to discover more about yourself and look to improve YOUR communication skills. As you do, more often than not, you’ll find the people around you automatically start to shift in how they communicate with you as well.
  • You are not interested, capable, or motivated to participate in a small group learning experience for becoming a better communicator and improving your relationships. You won’t see the changes if you aren’t willing or able to do the work (no bandaids here!).

Right Your Relationships is not for anyone with an active addiction, those engaging in any form of active self-destructive behaviors, or for anyone in a volatile, violent or abusive relationship. If you often feel out of control, or your relationship is out of control, or you are in crisis situation, I encourage you to seek professional help. The Right Your Relationships workshop is not clinically based and it will not sufficiently meet your needs. It is a short term online classroom setting.

Also, I am limited in how helpful I can be to you as your instructor, and how much time each student is allotted during the live meetings. I reserve the right to make decisions about acceptance into the program on an individual basis. I sincerely and respectfully thank you for your interest. 

How much are healthy, satisfying
relationships worth to you?

How much longer are you willing to wait to see if things improve on their own?

Aren’t you ready to start living the life you’ve dreamed of? One without the constant stress and tension that comes from not knowing what to say or how to talk to the people around you?

Right Your Relationships can help. I say this with 100% confidence because I’ve seen it happen countless times.

Because the program is designed to include personal coaching through the live sessions, the number of seats are limited and I only open the program a few times each year. If you pass on the opportunity to join me in Right Your Relationships now, the chance won’t come again for several months

Don’t delay your happiness any longer. Enroll now and get ready to see your life change in ways you never imagined.

I want to make it easy for you to say yes,

so I am offering these bonuses in addition to the 10 lessons:



This cheat sheet will help you diffuse any argument the moment it begins to get heated. With this simple strategy, you’ll maintain control in the most difficult situations. If you can stop an argument in its track, how much is that worth to you? $250. (Value: Priceless)


BONUS: Silent Reasons Relationships Fail

In this bonus cheat sheet, you’ll discover the subtle traps caused by the 5 biggest reasons most relationships fail... and how to avoid them entirely. You might be surprised by what they are (spoiler alert... money is NOT one of them!). $250 (Value: Priceless)


BONUS: Family Access

While it is entirely possible to see dramatic results while doing this work on your own, learning this as a family will strengthen the bonds of your relationship in a way nothing else can ever accomplish. That’s why I’m giving you my permission to share this training with your spouse or partner.
Your primary relationship is one of the most important (if not the most important) relationships in your life.
When your primary relationship breaks down, you feel the impact in every area of your life. I want to support you by giving you both the tools you need to have calmer and more satisfying interactions.
$1000. (Value: Priceless)

When you add it all up, that’s a total value of $10,500.


But because I know how important it is to learn these valuable and powerful communication tools,
I’m making Right Your Relationships available to you today for only $2,000.


Choose the payment plan that is best for you and

click the button to enroll today!

Get an invitation when enrollment opens and seats become available in our next group!


I want you to be 100% confident when you enroll.

If you are on the fence… or if other programs have left you less than satisfied, I want to give you the opportunity to put Right Your Relationships into action and experience the relief and confidence that comes with being able to confidently communicate even in the most challenging of situations.

                    That’s why it’s backed by my Personal Transformation Guarantee.

I know these strategies work. They’ve worked for 100% of the students who have gone through the program and actually done the work. So I’m giving you the full 10 weeks to go through the program, attend the live meetings, implement the strategies, and experience for yourself the massive transformation that comes from learning effective communication strategies.

If you put the program to the test and do the work required, and you still don’t feel you’ve gained new communication tools, increased self-awareness or the ability to have a more fulfilling relationship, then contact our team for your money back.

Here’s my promise to you...

Aside from giving you a convenient and easy way to learn, this is not a band-aid or “easy button” solution.

  • You have the chance to elevate yourself as a person and speak from a place of confidence.
  • You have the possibility and opportunity to transform your relationship with yourself, your partner, your family, and other people that are close to you.
  • You will learn how to engage with difficult people and ones that you are unhappily forced to interact with at times, such as an ex-spouse or an annoying co-worker.
  • You will learn what works in relationships and why… but also, you’ll find out what doesn’t work, and why (not to mention how to avoid those pitfalls all together!).
Since communication and commitment are at the foundation of everything that we do in the class - here’s what my students have reported since taking Right Your Relationships:
  • They feel more in control, calmer and confident than ever before! (and that is music to my ears!)
  • They are having important conversations that they had been avoiding for years.
  • They got promoted at work and recognized for projects.
  • Their staff started feeling appreciated and increased their productivity.
  • Their friendships deepened.
  • The relationship with their teenage daughter improved dramatically as the daughter started watching and loving the lessons.
  • The atmosphere in their house is much better and they don’t mind spending time at home now.
  • They feel like they are finally in "the driver's seat of their life" and that's a great feeling!
The same transformations are possible for you. 
And they can happen faster than you ever imagined possible.


"Debra is the real deal. She’s knowledgeable about relationships and she broke down complicated information into practical, digestible pieces. During the Live meetings, I watched as everyone talked about using the Relationship Protocol, and the positive changes they were experiencing… It was great!”
- Debbie D.
"This class was life-changing for me. I use the RP model all the time, and I feel better about myself. I'm so much more confident when I'm speaking to people. I highly recommend the class to anyone that wants to improve their relationship skills, and in ONLY a few weeks, not years."
- Greg P.
“I liked the layout of the lessons whereby we knew what points would be covered. I never lost interest. The worksheets were a great way to get us to think about ourselves, and the live meeting gave us a chance to see how other applied this material in their lives. 
- David S.
"I'm feeling more empowered in all of my interactions. I'm a better listener now. I'm asking more questions. I feel so much more relaxed in social situations. I'm also less angry and more content in general from taking this class."
- Susan F.
“I didn't think I'd like the live group meetings, but I loved them! During our meetings, Debra was supportive of everyone's experiences, and extremely knowledgeable, giving us suggestions on top of what she already taught us in our lessons! She was encouraging, and made us all feel comfortable."
- Julie W.
"I used to have cold wars, long periods of time without speaking to my partner. The conflict would stay in my head and I’d stay angry for a long time. It was very quiet, and not a good feeling. It’s much nicer to not turn inward, but instead talk about it and get it out in the open. It's freeing." 
- Chris D.
"I don’t like confrontations because I’m not sure what to say and I feel too vulnerable. But now, taking in this class, watching the lessons, doing the worksheets, and learning how to use the Relationship Protocol tools helped me to plan for a conversation that I couldn’t have had in the past.” 
- Ellen K.
“I wasn’t getting along with my daughter but then, I tried using Step 1 and stated my intentions upfront. I was amazed at how quickly her feelings towards me changed during that interaction. It was immediate! The concept is so simple but it really worked! Iam so grateful I took this class - thank you, Debra!”
- Sharon G.
“Before the class, I never felt heard. I also didn’t realize that my way of communicating never led to a good outcome. Now, I don’t get the same reaction from others as before, and I have tools that help me stay in control and feel calmer.”
- Carl T.
"I’m using the model a lot and all of my relationships are better, because I’m different! I never thought I would say that… but it’s true. My world is a happier place now. If you're hesitating about signing up, just do it. It's incredibly helpful and easy to follow.”
- Elizabeth G.
“Debra’s class taught us how to get along better with the people in our lives. Most of what she teaches are small shifts, not big gestures...and they work! I use it a lot in business and with my family."
- Joseph S.
“My awareness has grown so much. I’m taking more initiative in situations rather than just having them happen to me and I’m not shying away, or having an overly emotional reaction.”
– Alan H.
“During the Right Your Relationships workshop, I found myself often thinking ‘This information is so simple- why didn’t I think of that?’ Debra’s model is easy to follow and she showed all of us that better communication is attainable. Thanks Debra!”
- Cindy D.
“I’ve been following Debra and her work for a while now his workshop encapsulates The Relationship Protocol book and gives you pragmatic ways to implement all of the communication tools. I liked everything about this workshop!”
- Margaret F.
"I love how each week builds on the last and how far reaching the effects are. This program increased my self-awareness ten-fold. I'm more comfortable communicating at home and at the office too."
- Laura M.
"I was always defensive, ever since I can remember. But this workshop has changed how I react. Now I take a minute to think about how to respond and I don’t get defensive at all. I also understand why I used to react that way."  
- Kathy V. 


“I’m an independent person and I need to shift my mindset to not always have to do things my way. It’s a big change in my thinking.”
- Matthew F.
"Even though it's common sense, it feels like a new language to me. I need to read it every day to get it into my blood. I want it to penetrate because its sooo good! There are so many valuable tools."
- Jill G.

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