If you want to have better conversations and resolve conflicts FAST, you need…

My Communication Tools™ 

Learn actionable, simple, and practical tools you can use RIGHT AWAY to get better results in all your interactions! 


(No scripts, your words… along with unique and proven strategies & tools.) 


Get real results, even if you are busy and short on time. The long lasting results are worth it.  

YOU are worth it!

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Imagine this:

  • Approach important conversations with confidence because you know what to say and how to say it.
  • Strengthen your relationships by defusing disagreements, overcoming challenges, and building better connections. 

Introducing, My Communication Tools™, a compact yet powerful, on-demand program that is transformative, unique, and easy to follow.


FINALLY... a simple way to feel more confident talking to anyone:

  • Bring up topics that are important to you,

  • Improve a relationship, or

  • Change old negative ways of communicating that don’t work, such as being too reactive or defensive, interrupting, or sweeping problems or concerns under the rug.

Talk about sensitive subjects, stop avoiding conversations, resolve misunderstandings, navigate challenges, and defuse conflicts quickly and with ease!


to unique and powerful tools

that have positively transformed

thousands of lives!


My Communication Tools™ can become your tools because they are for everyone! 


 Would you like to:  

  • Express your thoughts and feelings more clearly to achieve better results?

  • Feel more confident saying what’s on your mind, stop avoiding conversations or beating yourself up over past interactions?

  • Navigate and quickly resolve conflicts without escalating tension by understanding the logic behind ‘conflict cycles’ and how to handle them?

  • Reduce and minimize misunderstandings and learn how to quickly unwind them?

  • Manage your emotions, be more self-aware and feel more in control during challenging moments?

  • Improve and strengthen your relationship/s by expressing yourself more thoughtfully and relationally?

  • Overcome communication anxiety by gaining practical and simple tools to help you feel equipped and more confident?



Whether you're:

  • Struggling with personal, family, romantic, or professional relationships 

  • Feeling frustrated 

  • Stuck

  • Angry

  • Wanting to communicate more effectively 

  • Seeking to improve your communication skills so you can express what you want and need to say


This easy to follow program is filled with practical common sense information, A COMPLETE SYSTEM that is actionable, you can personalize it, and it works.


"What People Are Saying"

"The lessons are excellent! The information is relatable, and it's clear, practical, and easy to understand." 


"This program can really improve your life. It's not deep, and it meets everyone where they are. Very well done!"

"Debra knows her stuff. Now we can have sensitive conversations without having an argument or misunderstanding. It all makes sense because it's based on common sense." 

You can’t learn these valuable and life-changing tools anywhere else! 


This unique program offers a logical and actionable approach that will change the way you think about communication and how you connect and relate to others. 


You will learn basic, foundational, and essential communication skills that EVERYONE NEEDS but no one was taught.


Sadly, these NECESSARY LIFE SKILLS are not taught in schools or modeled in most childhood homes. So, where were you supposed to learn how to be a good communicator and handle disagreements effectively?


In truth, a solution did not exist. You were on your own, until now!  


My Communication Tools™ solves that problem!

(I know, that might sound like a sales pitch, but it's not, it's simply a humble fact.)


These invaluable tools cannot be taught anywhere else because they are Debra Roberts' proprietary and comprehensive communication model, developed from her professional work. 

Here's the backstory:

Meet Debra Roberts, LCSW,

creator of My Communication Tools™


Debra brings over 30 years of experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a business consultant, and a trauma consultant. Through her extensive work with struggling and challenging relationships, Debra discovered that when she taught people how to talk to each other and communicate better using her practical methods, everything improved, regardless of the relationship or setting.


Her ongoing success led Debra to create a proven and proprietary interpersonal communication model called The Relationship Protocol®. In this program, you will learn all the components of the model and much more!


Debra has been featured in prominent publications, including The New York Times and The Cut, as well as being a guest on popular podcasts such as "So Money" with Farnoosh Torabi, "Let it be Easy" with Susie Moore, and "MissUnderstood" with Kellie Sbrocchi. She is also a columnist for Her work has transformed thousands of lives. 

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Get Debra's Communication Program Now









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My Communication Tools™ Includes:


10 bite-sized (10-15 mins) On-demand lessons                               

Learn the principles of The Relationship Protocol® model and other valuable and much-needed tools for improving how you show up in your life to have better outcomes, more productive interactions, and healthier relationships.


Deepen your understanding and also apply what you learn to your own life. Fill-in questions for each lesson. Your answers are for your eyes only.

Accountability Reminders    

30-days of quick text message reminders to support your efforts to use the material you’re learning.

Check-In Journal  

30-day reusable template to track your personal insights.



Here's How It Works: (It’s simple!)


1. Login to your dashboard. Watch the Welcome video.


2. Watch the 10 short, easy-to-follow and engaging lessons. Designed to fit your busy life. Go at your own pace.


3. Answer a few questions in your Workbook. Personalize your experience by thinking about how to apply the material from the lessons to your relationships and interactions.


4. Write in your Check In Journal. Record and learn from your new insights and mindset shifts.


5. Practice what you learned during your interactions. To get the most out of the program, you must use the material you are learning during your interactions. 

  • Learn from your experiences—what works and what doesn’t.
  • Understand yourself better: how you show up, how you impact others, and how they impact you.
  • Gain greater resiliency, a sense of control, and new coping skills.
  • .Develop a deeper and practical understanding of how to have productive interactions, defuse conflicts, and navigate challenges effectively 

Caveat: Practice is required to make any long-term changes. Otherwise, you will not retain the information. You are learning life-long skills that can elevate your conversations and relationships, so please use them or at least think about them every day. 



Make the Choice to Change


- Don't let another day go by wishing for better relationships or more effective, confident communication.

- Choose to take control of your interactions, express yourself more confidently, and build the meaningful connections you want.

- Stop rehashing old interactions, wishing you had handled them differently. (We all do it sometimes!)

- And be a role model for your children and the next generation. Show the people in your life what effective communication looks like.



Join My Communication Tools™ Today 


The mission of Debra’s company is heartfelt: "To make the world a kinder more peaceful place where we can talk to each other, even about our differences.”


With that in mind, Debra has made this an affordable program so more people can have access to the tools we ALL need for becoming better communicators. 


Introductory offer: $79.00 


Here’s the fine print:

  • You will have access for 90 days from enrollment.

  • No money back guarantee. 

  • Disclaimer: This educational program is not a substitute for medical treatment, mental health, or any professional health services. If you require professional help, please seek a qualified healthcare provider.



My Communication Tools™ is more than just a course; it's a journey toward becoming a more effective communicator, feeling more confident, and transforming your relationships. You won't find these unique, real-life, and practical (easy-to-implement) tools anywhere else. Ready to get started?