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New Online Course to Build Your Confidence!

Are you not having conversations because you’re not sure what to say?

Are you struggling to feel heard in a significant relationship?

Do you lack confidence communicating & want to avoid a confrontation?

That’s why I developed my online course, Right Your Relationship. During this 10-week program, we’ll cover a lot of ground! You'll learn practical, interpersonal communication skills, how to deal with conflict, and how to bring up important conversations at home and at the office! Your confidence will grow and you’ll gain tools to help you in every area of your life. And we even have weekly live meetings to support you in implementing these new tools!

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Learn how to have more positive relationships and resolve every day conflicts quickly.

My Relationship Protocol® model is your practical and easy to use guide for communicating effectively in ALL of your important and close relationships.

-Debra Roberts, LCSW

    • Stop Avoiding Difficult Conversations

    • Resolve Arguments Within Minutes 

    • Bring Up Sensitive Topics

    • Immediately Connect or Reconnect

    • Build Stronger, Lasting Relationships

Debra has been published in Business Insider and featured as a relationship expert on Farnoosh Torabi's So Money Podcast, Vice, Happify, Fatherly, and more.



 "There are simple things you can do to become a better communicator."

"The RP is a relationship toolbox for everyone!"

Dr. Keri Chernuchin

"A rare self-help book that combines a good layout with good content."

"Reader's Favorite" Review

"A ‘Must Have’ for anyone who is in a relationship."

Phoebe Kessler, LCSW

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