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What is The Relationship Protocol?

     The Relationship Protocol

Debra has successfully used the Relationship Protocol model with clients in her private practice for over 20 years. Now she wants to help people across the globe to understand this simple and practical method for effective communication.

• The Relationship Protocol is a great guide for improving communication and having better, more satisfying relationships.

• It describes the Relationship Protocol model, which is a user-friendly template for understanding how our important relationships work best. 

• Build your confidence communicating and learn how to navigate confusing, uncomfortable and difficult conversations.

• There are 60+ case examples that help to illustrate how to use the model in everyday, real-life interactions at home and at the office.

• This is NOT a book about therapy with fancy psychological terms. It’s an easy to read self-help book that is applicable to all settings.

• Having common sense tools for communicating better is a lifelong gift that everyone deserves!




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