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Effective Communication is Crucial to the Success of any Organization

Are you a leader looking for practical communication tools to increase your employees’ capacity and capabilities? We have the solutions you’ve been looking for. 

Your managers, team members, and employees will quickly become equipped to resolve conflicts, initiate important conversations, deal with difficult people, navigate challenging interactions, and much more. They will learn useful and actionable communication tools that they can use right away in their relationships at work and home.

In these uncertain times, your staff might feel disconnected, unable to address problems and maintain high customer satisfaction, which then affects the company culture and your bottom line. 

Our online program will streamline communication and advance personal development without disrupting your workflow. We offer a proven, cost-effective approach with quick results and a minimal time commitment.

When your employees grow, your business grows!

Improved workplace communication
has been linked to better job satisfaction,
improved company performance, increased productivity,
and more empowered employees.

– Forbes

By streamlining communication and teaching actual "how-to" everyday tools for communicating effectively, your organization will improve through:

  • Increased communication and leadership skills

  • Increased team collaboration and employee engagement

  • Improved employee and customer satisfaction

  • Increased productivity, clarity for decision-making, and sales 

  • Reduced workplace tension, mistakes, and conflicts

  • Open lines of communication resulting in positive work environment

75% of long-term job success depends upon soft skills mastery and only 25% on technical skills.”


Stanford Research Institute & Carnegie Mellon Foundation 

Organizations that successfully increase employee engagement achieve four times more earnings-per-share growth than that of their competitors.

– Gallup

How you communicate with other people, how you interact with other people, how you express yourself will have a huge impact on your success.

– David Solomon Goldman Sachs CEO

For the past 25 years, Debra Roberts has developed and perfected proven strategies to quickly develop positive communication skills that increase performance for both leadership and team members.


The Communication Protocol



The Communication ProtocolTM 10-week online course will hone the listening and communication skills of management, your team members, and employees. The program teaches universal communication skills for expanding self-awareness, understanding the concept of commitment, creating swift conflict resolution, building trust, engagement, and more. This new skill set will help your organization achieve your business objectives and enable your employees to thrive, in and out of the workplace.


In The Communication Protocol program, your employees will learn Debra’s Relationship Protocol method and other helpful, practical strategies to elevate their communication and step into leadership:

  • handle conflict with greater ease

  • collaborate more effectively

  • provide and respond to critical feedback without being defensive

  • perform strategically in important and high stakes conversations

  • communicate better in all work relationships

  • feel capable of approaching challenging situations 

  • confidently express themselves in personal conversations leading to more fulfilling relationships and better performance in the work environment

With The Communication Protocol,

results are often apparent after the very first lesson

and increase exponentially with each passing week.

Here’s how it works... we keep it simple:


1) We assess the key communication-problems to address

2) Together we determine the best solution and the scope of delivery

3) Your company actively participates in the online delivered program

4) We measure the participants' progress and results. Participants get personalized, confidential reports, and the company receives a Summary Report discussing overall improvement and employees' views of communication within your organization


Your organization takes our self-guided, 10-lesson/weekly program and our team supports you each week. You can also engage in customized training or consultation services. The Communication Protocol program will begin to rapidly increase employee engagement, overall personal development, the effectiveness of communication at all levels, and will likely positively affect your bottom line. 


[Schedule a free discovery consultation to assess how this approach could transform your organization in just 10 hours/weeks.]

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