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Grow your company - Create a better culture - Support your employees - Increase employee engagement and retention 


Whether you are the founder of a small, privately owned business, a team manager at a large company, or the CEO of a global nonprofit organization, chances are, the majority of your employees or managers do not have the practical communication or coping skills they need to address everyday challenges, create a positive work environment, and drive workplace initiatives.

When your employees grow, your business grows!


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Wouldn’t it be great if your organization could have a sense of community, a positive company culture, and become more productive simply by everyone learning how to communicate better? Now, it is possible!


Imagine if you could:

  • Improve engagement and listening skills by teaching fundamental communication tools that create more productive and satisfying interactions. 

  • Increase customer satisfaction, create more aligned sales, and improve customer retention and happiness by developing stronger connections and learning how to connect with the other person's experience. 

  • Quickly and effectively address conflicts and problems by knowing how to defuse and resolve negative interactions.

  • Increase collaboration and productivity by building trust and breaking down walls between teams and departments.
  • Build a friendlier, more open company culture by communicating better with your entire workforce, and teaching employees and leadership about self-awareness, coping, and the fundamentals for effective communication, even when dealing with challenging personalities and rising tension.

  • Foster a sense of belonging and a shared commitment to the organization among your employees. 

    ... ALL of which help to increase your profits and grow your organization.







75% of long-term job success depends upon soft skills mastery and only 25% on technical skills. 


Stanford Research Institute & Carnegie Mellon Foundation  


Organizations that successfully increase employee engagement achieve four times more earnings-per-share growth than that of their competitors.

– Gallup


"The biggest factor leading people to jump ship is that the culture is toxic, they don't feel respected, and there's a lack of integrity."

– Donald Sull         MIT management professor


With an extensive background as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a business consultant, and a trauma consultant, Debra Roberts, LCSW, has over 25 years of experience working with hundreds of clients and organizations. She has developed proven and proprietary communication strategies that increase productivity, retention, engagement, and performance for leaders and teams.


 youthe-go hiall s program is t


The Communication Protocol™

For The Workplace


Humanizing Workplace Communication 


The Communication Protocol™ is an online program comprised of 8 lessons that will improve the listening and communication skills of participants from your organization. Your staff will learn Debra's proprietary communication model, The Relationship Protocol® at Work, along with other actionable tools for bringing up topics, quicker conflict resolution, better collaboration, managing challenges, building trust, and creating an environment where employees and customers feel seen and heard.   



Teaching your employees practical communication skills, showing them how to increase their self-awareness, and offering helpful coping strategies are essential for supporting their wellness and mental health issues. This comprehensive program gives your staff communication strategies for expressing themselves and coping skills to support them in managing anxiety, depression, overwhelm, and stress. And when your employees know that leadership is on board and values their well-being, it drives motivation, increases their commitment, and automatically elevates the organizational culture.


Here’s how it works:


1) Get started in determining if your company is ready to begin, and discuss the impact you are hoping to achieve for your organization.

2) Give your team or your entire organization access to bite-sized, results-driven online lessons.

3) See your team's progress with real-life results and support their efforts through in-house leaders and Champions. 

4) Transform your organization and enjoy the positive impact.

5) Leadership receives a final Summary Report with data showing participants' improvement and additional valuable information for the organization.


Results from companies that have taken The Communication Protocol™: 

  • Cohesive and quicker problem-solving  

  • Swifter conflict resolution and reduction of tension

  • Faster, more productive meetings

  • Proactive sales teams that are more comfortable reaching out and servicing challenging clients

  • Happier work environments, improving employee retention and engagement

  • Many participants reported improved self-confidence and better personal relationships which directly translated to the ability stay focused, make better decisions, resolve conflicts quicker, and be more productive at work

  • When participants expand their self-awareness, learn coping skills and practical communication tools, it improves the quality of their lives 



With The Communication Protocol™,

results are often apparent after the first lesson

and increase exponentially with each passing week.



An example of the impact of The Communication Protocol™


"I run a fast-paced business, my team works long hours, and they work hard. I didn’t want to put something else on their plate that might add more pressure. But this program is a pressure reliever. Giving my team 1-hour out of their week to do something helpful for themselves showed them that the company cared about them, which is huge. They are now fully engaged in working together to solve problems. Walls have come down, and they’re connecting with each other. You can’t have a good culture without good communication, and this program was the key for us." 

- Maria Haggerty, CEO, Dotcom Distribution


More results from the program:


"Our team identified specific tools from The Communication Protocol that we now use as strategies for having more productive meetings."

Katelin Tinley, VP/GM, Cox Media Group


"The Communication Protocol has been a game-changer. I've seen how people with competing interests are now able to work together."

Jim Dimanis, CEO, Fidere, Inc.      


"I would 1000% recommend this program to other organizations. The content is easy to follow and relatable. Everyone can benefit from learning this approach."

Jamie Ramerini, COO, COMPEL CEOs



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Did you know that we also offer a stand alone Masterclass? It's called, Life Strategies for Wellness


If you value wellness, employee retention, and a happier staff, you are going to love the ease of use and simplicity of this Masterclass.  

Not only is it a short, impactful Wellness program, but the strategies can be used right away, and the entire program can be viewed in less than 2 hours. We give you prompts for facilitating discussions and a downloadable worksheet with all of the exercises. We make it easy! 

[The Masterclass is also Lesson 8 of The Communication Protocol™ 8-lesson program.]

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