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Launch your organization forward

by giving your team  the communication tools they need to be successful.






Grow your company - Create a better culture - Increase profits 


Whether you are the founder of a small, privately owned business, a team manager at a large company, or the CEO of a global organization, chances are, the majority of your employees or managers do not have the communication skills needed to address every day challenges and drive workplace initiatives.

When your employees grow, your business grows!




Wouldn’t it be great if your organization could become more productive and profitable simply by your team communicating better? 


Imagine if you could:

  • Immediately increase productivity and collaboration by breaking down walls between teams and departments.

  • Increase customer satisfaction, create more aligned sales, and increase customer retention by more effectively managing challenging and demanding clients. 

  • Build a friendlier, more open company culture by communicating better with your remote workforce, and manage different personalities and communication styles. 

    ... ALL of which help to grow your organization.







75% of long-term job success depends upon soft skills mastery and only 25% on technical skills. 


Stanford Research Institute & Carnegie Mellon Foundation  


Organizations that successfully increase employee engagement achieve four times more earnings-per-share growth than that of their competitors.

– Gallup


"How you communicate with other people, how you interact with other people, how you express yourself will have a huge impact on your success."

– David Solomon Goldman Sachs CEO


For the past 25 years, Debra Roberts has worked with hundreds of clients and organizations. She developed and perfected proven and practical communication strategies that increase productivity and performance for leaders and teams.



The Communication Protocol™

For The Workplace


The Communication Protocol™ (TCP) is a 8-week online program that will improve the listening and communication skills of participants from your organization. Your staff will learn Debra's proprietary communication model, The Relationship Protocol®, along with other actionable tools and strategies for expanding self-awareness, creating swift conflict resolution, building trust, and much more. 


Here’s how it works:


1) Get a readiness and impact assessment to determine if your company is ready to get started, and talk about the impact you are hoping to achieve for your organization.

2) Give your team or your entire organization access to bite-sized, results-driven online lessons.

3) See your team's progress with real-life results. 

4) Transform your organization and enjoy the positive impact.

5) Receive a final organizational Summary Report, and maintain results through in-house leaders and Champions.


Results from companies that have taken The Communication Protocol™ : 

  • Cohesive problem-solving because teams started working together 

  • More productive meetings

  • Sales team are proactive in reaching out and more effective in servicing challenging clients

  • Happier and more positive work environments

  • Many participants report improved personal relationships which directly translates to their ability to stay focused, make better decisions, resolve conflicts quicker, and be more productive at work.


With The Communication Protocol™,

results are often apparent after the first lesson

and increase exponentially with each passing week.





More results from The Communication Protocol™ program:


"Our team identified specific tools from The Communication Protocol that we now use as strategies for having more productive meetings."

Vice President/General Manager, Cox Media Group


"The Communication Protocol has been a game-changer. I've seen how people with competing interests are now able to work together."

CEO, Fidere, Inc.      


"This course has become another piece of our onboarding training."          

Executive Assistant, Techworks Consulting


"I would 1000% recommend this program to other organizations. The content is easy to follow and relatable. Everyone can benefit from learning this approach."



Ready to see if your organization is a good fit for this program? Let's talk. Flexible delivery options are available. Book a complimentary call now.


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