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Life Strategies for Wellness®

 The Masterclass


For Your Organization  


Improving Employee Wellness = Better Performance, More Contentment, Decreased Stress, and a More Positive Work Environment

All of which lead to increased profits


Give your staff practical, on-the-go, coping strategies for handling any situations that may arise, including stressors, conflicts, problems, difficult people, and any other challenges. 

  • Support your employees by bringing this powerful wellness program to your organization.

  • Let your teams know that you care about their well-being, their coping skills, and their happiness.

  • Show up as a true leader in your industry, someone who steps up and seeks to make a difference in the lives of their employees.

  • Coping is an essential part of managing mental health issues, such as anxiety and stress. When you introduce this important program to your organization, you are placing value on the emotional and environmental day-to-day needs of your staff. 

  • Empower your employees with coping skills that are helpful and long-lasting, ones they can use every day at work and in their personal lives.


Have you ever...

  • Avoided having an important discussion because
    it wasn’t worth the stress or the effort?
  • Lay in bed at night replaying conversations you
    had that day in your head, feeling disappointed
    in yourself, and wishing you had handled the
    situation differently?
  • Looked at your partner and thought to yourself
    “How did we get here? Where did this distance
    come from?”
  • Found it difficult to manage your staff, or ask for
    something you need at work, such as asking a
    team member or coworker to redo a report,
    handling an interoffice problem, or asking for a
    raise (even when you know you deserve one)?
  • Lost your temper the minute a conversation
    became even the slightest bit heated (and
    regretted something you said in the argument)
  • Wished you could say exactly what you were
    thinking or feeling and actually feel heard at
    home or at work?

 Wellness is related to well-being.

Your employees’ well-being includes creating a healthy lifestyle, coping with everyday stressors, dealing with problems effectively, and more. Well-being directly connects with performance and happiness both in the workplace and personally.

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This is a period of change and transition for everyone.

Think about the many stressors people regularly face, such as unexpected problems, imminent deadlines, difficult personalities, misunderstandings, personal struggles, and ongoing world crises. Any of these situations can affect their daily functioning, especially if they don’t know how to deal with compounded stress, negativity, and feelings of overwhelm.

If your team members have limited coping skills, they may respond by turning inward, feeling ill-equipped, out of control, or overburdened. Their ability to cope can also impact their sense of well-being and self-esteem.    


Here’s the good news... 

If you value wellness, employee retention, and a happier staff, you are going to love the ease of use and simplicity of this Masterclass.  


Not only is it an impactiful program, but all of the strategies can be used right away and the entire program can be viewed in less than 2 hours.  We give you prompts for facilitating discussions and a downloable worksheet with all of the exercises. We make it easy!


 In the Masterclass: Life Strategies for Wellness®

Your organization will learn 5 helpful, on-the-go exercises for... 


1. MANAGING STRESS  - use this simple exercise anywhere and anytime to decrease the stress response.


2. FEELING MORE GROUNDED - use this quick exercise to reset their thinking if someone is having difficulty concentrating or getting lost in their thoughts.


3. HANDLING OVERWHELM - gain a system for reducing overwhelm, organizing thoughts, and creating an action plan for coping.


4. IMPROVING CONFIDENCE - learn how negative self-talk directly impacts self-confidence and how to change those old and unhelpful patterns.


5. NAVIGATING EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS - identify, understand, and manage emotional triggers; those overly emotional, irrational reactions that can occur out of the blue and get in our way.


How do we make it so easy?

Because you can:

  • Purchase this high-quality online program that's AFFORDABLE! 
  • Enroll everyone in your organization or a select group of employees.
  • Plan the perfect wellness event; one that can be completed in less than two hours. (The video is under 45 minutes.)
  • Learn five proven and useful coping exercises for everyday use.  

  • Use the interactive cues to initiate group discussions or to think about the topic.

  • Use the prompts we provide for facilitating discussions. 

  • Download and save the Masterclass worksheet as it contains all of the exercises, and review the other great resources too.

  • Take advantage of the flexible scheduling as it will not interfere with your workflow.
  • Join in and try the easy-to-follow exercises. Hint: Use them regularly and they will become lifelong coping skills; an invaluable gift.
  • Gain access to the program for 1 year.

We make everything easy, because we want you to be successful, and we want you to tell other organizations about this amazing program!



Is this program for YOUR organization?  Let's find out.


If your organization values wellness, and you want to support your staff in achieving their optimal functioning at work and at home, or if your organization is focused on retention, employee happiness, and supporting mental health needs, you will love the practical application and flexibility of this program.


However, it is not for everyone. The Masterclass is not a good fit if your organization does not want to invest in your employees' coping skills or mental health needs. If you do not think your organization has a responsibility to address these issues or if you don't see a connection between wellness and performance or improved workplace culture, then you won't value this Masterclass.



Pricing Structure for the Masterclass


    $97 per person up to 100 people

$67 per person from 101- 500 

 $47 per person from 501- 2000

      $27 per person from 2001- 10,000

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Meet Debra Roberts, LCSW, the creator of the Masterclass

Debra is an author, a conversation expert, public speaker, and developer of The Relationship Protocol® communication model.

Her proprietary, practical, and effective approach to communication revolutionizes how we interact and work together. It is at the core of The Communication Protocol® an 8-lesson online professional development program for organizations.

[This Masterclass is also a part of the full 8-lesson course. It is the 8th lesson in The Communication Protocol® program.]

The inspiration for this free-standing Masterclass: Life Strategies for Wellness® came from Debra's desire to support organizations that deeply value health and wellness and want to offer their employees a quick but impactful program. 

With a background as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a business consultant, and a trauma consultant Debra has over 25 years of experience working with challenging interactions and relationships in all settings.

She is a columnist for, has written for Business Insider and has been featured as an expert on multiple media platforms, including The New York Times.




© 2022 Debra M. Roberts, LCSW. The Communication Protocol program, which includes The Masterclass: Life Strategies for Wellness, is a registered copyright of Debra M. Roberts, LCSW, and all rights are reserved. No portion of the program may be reproduced without permission. Any infringement may be subject to statutory damages of up to $150,000 per work. 



What People Are Saying 


"The Masterclass was very well done. It was easy to listen to from start to finish, and we all got a lot out of it. Everyone said they found the suggestions practical and actionable so I'm sure we'll use the tips we learned."



"I'm grateful to have these exercises. I'm primarily using the ones to lower stress, get more grounded, and manage my frequently overwhelming to-do list. Debra was a great teacher. She knows her stuff."


"I liked this Masterclass. My job is very stressful, so I took Debra’s suggestion and put the exercises on my phone. I’ve already turned to it a few times to calm myself down, and it worked. It gives me a sense of security that I didn’t know I needed.”  


Are you interested in bringing the Masterclass: Life Strategies for Wellness® to your company or organization?

There has never been a better time to support your employees by offering this quick, helpful and valuable program. 


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We also offer an 8-lesson online course,

The Communication Protocol®

This comprehensive yet flexible program teaches invaluable and practical communication skills for the workplace. Improve retention, connection, collaboration, culture, and more.

[The Masterclass: Life Strategies for Wellness® is also Lesson 8 in the complete program.]

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