Be kind to yourself always, in all ways!

When talking about kindness, we're usually referring to how we should treat others. Kindness creates a sense of safety in our relationships. It lets others know that we respect them and that we will be thoughtful in how we communicate with them.

Now, if only we could apply the "kindness" concept to ourselves! There are many ways to turn kindness inward.

You can start by listening to how you talk to yourself and how you talk about yourself to others.

Are you patient with yourself?

Do you hold yourself to an unrealistic standard and then feel defeated?

Do you treat others in the manner that you would like to be treated?

Do you take time to replenish your overused mind or body?

Is self-care in your vocabulary? (If not, start learning all about it, asap!)

As a young girl and well into my college years, I used to be very hard on myself. I was my biggest critic. The negative, insecure self-talk popped up pretty regularly. I wasn't nice to myself, and it affected my self-esteem big time.

At some point in my 20's, I said enough was enough and decided to make a change. I didn't want to put myself down anymore; I needed to become a friend to myself, not a critic.

Since then, I make a conscious decision to be kind and patient with myself and now it comes much more naturally. This way of thinking also lends itself to having a more positive outlook, even when times are tough.

Most importantly, I express gratitude every day. Gratitude keep me in check and helps me to feel grounded and calmer.

Are you kind to yourself? I sure hope so! 

Do you express gratitude daily? If not, give it a try. You'll see an immediate shift.

Let's start a kindness turned inward campaign! We got this.