Understanding Your Employee’s Trauma, It’s Impact, and How to Talk About It Effectively


Workplace trauma is real.

Traumatic events occur in every organization, so it is critical that you understand the different types of events that trigger a trauma response, how different people respond to traumatic events, and how you can...

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Positve Self-Talk Can Be Your Much-Needed Friend During Hard Times

You have the power to get through the hard times with a booster shot of positive self-talk. Self-talk is exactly what it sounds like: It's how we talk to ourselves, our internal dialogue. 

When our self-talk is encouraging, we function...

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The News Cycle and Current Events Are Not Going Away. Here's How to Address Them at Work

It is impossible to keep the news from affecting the workplace when the world is bombarding us with information about war, humanitarian crises, a global pandemic, senseless violence, and ongoing racial tensions. 

When leaders fail to...

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To Become a More Effective Communicator, Learn to Manage Your Emotional Triggers


We've all had those days when we've overreacted in response to something a colleague, client, or supplier said to us. We may have felt attacked or belittled, and so we reacted poorly. It happens to the best of us, and the best way to...

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Overwhelmed? Take a Moment to Get Grounded Before Your Next Conversation

Have you ever found yourself struggling to meet all the demands on your time? It can feel like you're running just to stand still. 

You're creating presentations, going to meetings, writing reports, responding to an urgent client call,...

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When it’s Time to Relax - Breathe in What You Need


If you are having a tough moment or you just want to relax, gain some control or calm yourself down quickly, this is a great solution. I use it all the time!!

First, think about how you want to feel in that moment.

For example:

  • If...
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