When it’s Time to Relax - Breathe in What You Need

If you’re having a tough moment or you just want to relax, gain some control or calm yourself down quickly, this is a great solution. I use it all the time!!

First, think about what you want to feel in that moment.

For example:

  • If you’re feeling uptight and want to feel more relaxed             
  • If you want to feel more confident before a job interview             
  • If your angry and afraid you might explode                         

Start by sitting up straight and opening up your chest. Then take a nice full, slow breath in through your nose, and while you are breathing in, think of what you need or want at that moment. Breathe in with that intention.

For example: As you are breathing in, you are consciously thinking to yourself,

  • I’m breathing in feeling more relaxed.                                         
  • I’m breathing in confidence.                                                       
  • I’m breathing in calm. I’m calming down.                       

Next, think about the feeling that you want to get rid of, or what you don’t want to feel in that moment.

Then slowly exhale through your mouth and empty your lungs of air, while also focusing on letting go and releasing whatever you want to get rid of, or change. Breathe out with that intention.

For example: As you’re slowly exhaling, you’re consciously thinking to yourself,

  • I am getting rid of this tension.                                                 
  • The insecurities about this job interview are going away.   
  • I’m getting rid of my anger. I’m releasing the angry energy in my body.

Both parts of this exercise work together in sync, because after you breathe in what you need with intention, you then breathe out and release whatever you want to get rid of, also with intention.

Repeat the exercise two or three times to get the best result. Then go on with your day, hopefully, feeling a little better.

Think about this - You could be in a room full of people, and no one would know that you are doing this subtle, calming exercise. Try it. I’ll never tell!