Understanding Your Employeeā€™s Trauma, Itā€™s Impact, and How to Talk About It Effectively


Workplace trauma is real.

Traumatic events occur in every organization, so it is critical that you understand the different types of events that trigger a trauma response, how different people respond to traumatic events, and how you can...

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The News Cycle and Current Events Are Not Going Away. Here's How to Address Them at Work

It is impossible to keep the news from affecting the workplace when the world is bombarding us with information about war, humanitarian crises, a global pandemic, senseless violence, and ongoing racial tensions. 

When leaders fail to...

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5 Steps to Defuse a Disagreement Before It Turns Into a Heated Argument


Arguments don't just come out of nowhere (though it can certainly feel like they do). They arise when we aren't paying close attention. Perhaps you stopped paying attention to what's happening between you and the person...

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To Become a More Effective Communicator, Learn to Manage Your Emotional Triggers


We've all had those days when we've overreacted in response to something a colleague, client, or supplier said to us. We may have felt attacked or belittled, and so we reacted poorly. It happens to the best of us, and the best way to...

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What Are Emotional Triggers?


When you notice that your immediate reaction to a person or situation is overly emotional or irrational, it usually means that something has been building up or is hidden deep inside of you - such as anger, sadness, resentment, frustration,...

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You Can Control Your Emotional Triggers Today


In my last article, I talked about emotional triggers and how they typically come from a few different sources. Now let’s find out how to work with them.

Thankfully, there are ways to combat emotional triggers.

The first step is to...

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