Don't Ignore What's Happening... State the Obvious


It’s time to state the obvious.

When you’re in the middle of a chaotic or difficult situation, such as an escalating argument, a new stressful job, the holidays or a health crisis, do you talk about it?

I’m not referring to a long-winded conversation on the topic, but even a passing statement or two about what’s going on; a comment about something that is obviously taking place in that moment – “This argument is getting heated. Let’s take a break” or “The pressure from my new job is affecting my confidence” or “This is a very stressful time for our family.”

It can be helpful to say something, stating the obvious instead of being quiet. It connects you with the other person because you are both affected by what’s happening, so why not mention it.

A brief comment brings in some awareness. Your words can reduce the overall intensity between you, and help you to begin working together to solve or address the issue at hand. Most people appreciate a neutral statement, an observation about what is going on in that moment.

Don’t ignore or bypass the obvious…. say something.