Just say, "Thanks."


What happens when someone at your home or work does something nice for you, they go out of their way, or perhaps they make an effort to change how they respond to you?

What about when someone makes your life a little easier or does something helpful or meaningful to you, do you tell them?
Do you say “thank you”?

Taking time to express appreciation and gratitude goes a long way.
A simple “thank you” makes the other person feel good about their effort.

This kind of gesture encourages them to continue their positive behavior.

Often in our closest and most important relationships, we take things for granted. We assume the other person knows how we feel. We may even withhold expressing gratitude, for whatever the reason.

While you certainly don’t need to express appreciation for every morsel of effort, consider that everyone likes to be acknowledged. And in struggling relationships, expressing gratitude can a great way of changing the negative energy between the two of you.

It’s a simple gesture, but the rewards can be many.

Think of the bigger picture - most people respond to the kindness they receive by being kind to someone else.