State Your Intentions - Give them your "Why" upfront


When you tell someone your goal or intention for an interaction, they are more likely to listen to you, rather than defend themselves or get annoyed.

If you're bringing up an important subject, expecting a mixed response, or if the other person might jump to a negative conclusion, then use this tip at work or home. 

It is also Step # 1 of the Relationship Protocol model. 

Stating your intentions may sound fancy, but in reality, you are simply telling the other person the purpose of the interaction.

For example, your intentions might be – you want to get along better, you don't want to start an argument, or maybe you are expressing some concern about them.

Whatever your intention or desire is for that one interaction, tell them at the beginning of the conversation.

When you state your intentions from the start, this stops the other person's mind from wondering why you are talking to them. It puts them at ease. Most of the time, it is a relief for the other person to know the reason for having the conversation. 

Give them your reasons from the start. Tell them why you are having the conversation.

Let their mind relax and connect with the full content of your message, and your true intentions.