There's no such thing as "a little nasty."

Yep, it’s like the old cliché: you can’t be “a little pregnant.”

I wish I could tell you it’s okay to let loose once in a while, be a little mean or nasty, and just say what you’re thinking or feeling. But I can’t – not when it involves a significant relationship.

This isn’t about being a Pollyanna; It’s ALL about trust and safety.

Maybe you’re on your last nerve, and you lash out to show your frustration, or you want the other person to feel as badly as you do.  

I get it.

A quick verbal jab goes a long way to make your point. And then, you get to skip the tiring conversations that, in your mind, lead nowhere.

The problem is that a nasty little comment automatically gets stored in the other person’s brain. It’s how human beings are wired. Because, how you make the other person FEEL is what they’ll remember… not the messaging.

Nasty comments, even little ones tell the other person that you’re not safe, and they can’t fully trust you. If that’s not who you want to be in the world, learn how to express yourself more constructively.

At the very least, walk away, hit the pause button, and take a break before you say anything intentionally hurtful.

Even a little nasty is not a good look. 

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