How Mandi Ellefson Became an Effective, if Imperfect, Communicator

Ah, perfection. Have you ever turned down a speaking engagement because you tend to trip over your words? Have you ever ended a conversation before getting into the meat of it because you weren't sure how to start? Have you ever...

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The Power of Giving (and Receiving) the Benefit of the Doubt

Healthy relationships are built on a foundation of trust. The benefit of the doubt is the most powerful tool for establishing and maintaining trust in any important relationship, whether it be with customers or in your personal life....

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Overwhelmed? Take a Moment to Get Grounded Before Your Next Conversation

Have you ever found yourself struggling to meet all the demands on your time? It can feel like you're running just to stand still. 

You're creating presentations, going to meetings, writing reports, responding to an urgent client call,...

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Commitment: The Key Ingredient to Building a Healthy Organization

Commitment is a mandatory ingredient for healthy relationships and organizations. It creates resilience for an organization and is at the core of building trust and loyalty. Commitment is a Key Element of The Relationship Protocol communication...

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3 Reasons Forward-Thinking Companies Invest in Communication Skills

When you're hiring someone for a job, you look at a resume, cover letter, references, professional achievements--anything that can help prove why this person is qualified and would be an asset to your company. But other, less-apparent...

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Use These 5 Tips for Better Interactions



We recently surpassed the 1-year mark of the Covid-19 pandemic, and for many people, the past year has brought feelings of loneliness and isolation. Thankfully, it seems we are arriving at a new phase in our national recovery, so I...

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How to Start a Difficult Conversation

You might think that successful, charismatic business leaders who talk to people every day can speak to anyone about anything. They appear to confidently start conversations with their employees about poor performance, their customers about the...

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15 CEOs Share What They Learned From the Pandemic

It's been one year since businesses in the United States first went into lockdown following the initial outbreak of Covid-19. For most companies, the transition to working remotely was abrupt. But even those that already employed a remote...

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There's good news about stress.


I recently learned about the upside of stress from watching Kelly McGonigal's TedTalk. It is interesting to look at stress from another lens – instead of seeing stress as bad, we need to make it our friend.

McGonigal says...

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Just say, "Thanks."


What happens when someone at your home or work does something nice for you, they go out of their way, or perhaps they make an effort to change how they respond to you?

What about when someone makes your life a little easier or does...

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