This ONE easy step can change unhealthy behaviors


Do you keep repeating old negative patterns? Are you feeling stuck in your ways?

No matter how stuck you may feel, you can change your behaviors or patterns that you don’t like. The best part is, it only takes one step.


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Are you just "soldiering" on... doing what needs to be done?


Have you ever caught yourself marching in time to life’s demands?

You’re shuffling kids here, there, everywhere, and don’t catch a break until your head hits your pillow. You’re putting in extra hours at work to...

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There's no such thing as "a little nasty."


It's the old cliché: you can’t be “a little pregnant.”

Maybe you’re on your last nerve, and you lash out to show your frustration, or you want the other person to feel as badly as you do.  

I get it....

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When it’s Time to Relax - Breathe in What You Need


If you are having a tough moment or you just want to relax, gain some control or calm yourself down quickly, this is a great solution. I use it all the time!!

First, think about how you want to feel in that moment.

For example:

  • If...
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Are You in the Driver’s Seat?



Let’s look at “driving in a car” as a metaphor for how individuals live their lives.

It’s important to be an effective and careful driver. When you are driving, you should have your hands securely on the...

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Did a political argument ruin your family's dinner?


In today’s political climate, sitting across the table from a loved one with opposing views can be exhausting. Odds are, they’re not going to change their opinion on the spot, and in the end, a negative interaction affects...

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What Are Emotional Triggers?


When you notice that your immediate reaction to a person or situation is overly emotional or irrational, it usually means that something has been building up or is hidden deep inside of you - such as anger, sadness, resentment, frustration,...

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You Can Control Your Emotional Triggers Today


In my last article, I talked about emotional triggers and how they typically come from a few different sources. Now let’s find out how to work with them.

Thankfully, there are ways to combat emotional triggers.

The first step is to...

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State Your Intentions - Give them your "Why" upfront


When you tell someone your goal or intention for an interaction, they are more likely to listen to you, rather than defend themselves or get annoyed.

If you're bringing up an important subject, expecting a mixed...

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Be kind to yourself always, in all ways!


When talking about kindness, we are usually referring to how we should treat others. Kindness creates a sense of safety in our relationships. It lets others know that we respect them and that we will be thoughtful in how we communicate with...

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