Be kind to yourself always, in all ways!


When talking about kindness, we are usually referring to how we should treat others. Kindness creates a sense of safety in our relationships. It lets others know that we respect them and that we will be thoughtful in how we communicate with...

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Don't be so focused on what you're saying that you ignore me


When you're concentrating on making your point, defending yourself, winning an interaction, or being right, you're probably not noticing me (the other person). I might be getting upset, my feelings could be hurt, or maybe I'm bored or just...

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Is your bucket filling up?


Try to picture a big bucket that someone is carrying around. All of their complaints, burdens, problems & stressors go into this bucket. Slowly, drop by drop, the bucket fills.

Since this person has little or no self-awareness,...

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Quick Tip: What to do when stuck in a rough patch....


When you’re in the middle of an argument or a tense time in your relationship, try to take a step back and think of how the other person might be feeling at that moment.

It may sound counterintuitive, but if you can, remind yourself...

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What’s all this talk about kindness?


Kindness builds trust and creates a safety net for all types of relationships.

Behaving kindly describes who we must be in our relationships.

It includes:

     - how we treat each other

     - how we speak to...

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For the sake of your children…. handle your ex differently


Can you make a conscious decision to shift your thinking about your ex-husband or ex-wife, for the sake of your children, and to also reduce the stress level in your own life? 

This is a common challenge for many families.


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Want a Better Relationship? Shift Your Thinking


When you approach someone who is important to you from an “I want to get along with you” perspective, rather than an “I should get along with you” or “I need to get along with you” perspective, you have a...

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Try Changing YOUR Response. See What Happens…


Do you know that relationships are similar to the gears on a clock that all work together? Each mechanism is connected in some way. When one gear moves, the others move. If one gear slows down, the rest of the gears slow down. Likewise,...

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Don't Ignore What's Happening... State the Obvious


It’s time to state the obvious.

When you’re in the middle of a chaotic or difficult situation, such as an escalating argument, a new stressful job, the holidays or a health crisis, do you talk about it?

I’m not referring...

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Is Your College Student Home From School?


After spending time away at college, children are used to being independent and having the freedom to come and go as they please. They haven’t had to answer to anyone, especially their parents. Hopefully they’ve adjusted well to...

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